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How can we support others to promote diversity, equality and inclusion. If an individual was speaking badly, it could be dealt with by issuing a disciplinary. What are the impacts of stereotyping. For each of the groups on the sheets, describe the possible effects for them of discrimination False sense of self importance, possibly shame if they are confronted about their actions discrimination is not always intended.

I always make sure that an activity which we are doing can be inclusive, if for example we went clambering over rocks at this location and someone was left behind, this may lead them to feel isolated from the group.

The reflective process should not be an end in itself but rather a means by which we can consider the experiences of others and learn from that process in order to improve and develop both the quality of care we provide.

Explain How To Support Others To Promote Diversity Equality And Inclusion

As a carer we must do whatever we can to make these clients feel as comfortable and happy with their situation as possible, if a client does not celebrate this public holiday, it is important not to push them into participating with the Christmas theme.

Find the way that suits you best. Outcome 3 Understand how to raise awareness of diversity, equality and inclusion 3. Through mentoring and supervision we can discuss issues of equality, diversity and inclusion in a safe and supported environment.

This ensures recognition of individual needs, beliefs and preferences, promoting choice and respect for individuals.

Explain How To Support Others To Promote Diversity Equality And Inclusion

These values were not what my parents had instilled me with. We can watch the work of others who work in a positive way to promote diversity, equality and inclusion. Such individuals often need more one to one counselling and support than more able individuals.

As workers we should be finding peoples strengths and talents, the things they are good at and celebrating these. As everyone is included, everyone is all on equal level, with no judgement passed on age, sex, race or sexual orientation etc, therefore this promotes equality.

We should also take time to celebrate people's uniqueness and diversity.

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Within my own practice as a care worker I am vigilant to work within a way that is inclusive and respect the beliefs, culture, values and preferences of individuals.

Can you think of any examples you have seen or experienced. When working as a care worker it is important that own beliefs, culture, values and preferences does not affect their practice as they could give their opinion and even may force their own acceptable opinion and behaviour onto the service user.

Swap it with the person next to you, so they can check it. Residents with dementia that are excluded from outings due to being loud or noisy. I make myself aware of personal responsibilities and liabilities under equality legislation and any relevant codes of practice within my company.

Please 303 diversity give chance to think about their own realistic example when you are teaching them. Workers within health and social care need to be able to demonstrate the actions that they take in to their day-to-day working life to model inclusive practice. Moving away from the word care plan to support plan, sees a shift in the emphasis between caring for someone and supporting someone.

I always ask the resident to try to do as much as possible by themselves to maintain their independence, and I always explain to my residents what I am going to do in advance so they can assist me in my job.

We should also take time to celebrate people's uniqueness and diversity. Reporting Discrimination I can use each of these methods to encourage the abuser to see and understand what they have done wrong. 6. Diversity and discrimination in the labour market [24] Introduction While diversity in the labour market is not new, increasing rates of paid employment by women, migration, an ageing workforce and a focus on disability have led to a growing research interest for labour.

CERT Essay. CERT Diversity is the difference between people, be it gender, race, age, nationality or sexual orientation. Equality is treating people equal and the same regardless of their diversity.

The Equality Act () and subsequent ammendments - identified the protected characteristics of age, disability, sex, race, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, religion or belief, marriage and civil partnership, and pregnancy and maternity.

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Unit Principles of diversity, equality and inclusion in adult social care settings Outcome 1 Understand the importance of diversity, equality and inclusion Explain what is meant by: Diversity means accepting and respecting that each individual is unique and recognizing every individual’s differences.

Equality diversity and inclusion in work with children and young people: Alison Brooks Assessment of how own attitude values and behaviour could impact on work with young people and children. All those working in the school have a legal duty to protect the rights of children and young people.

303 diversity
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