Sluggers negotiation

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Banned: Mays, Mantle, and the Commish

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The Stanford video guide to negotiating : the sluggers come home

Course Mario again appears in Family Computer Golf: Send to friend Learn how to make the right business deal with this negotation video. While the video shows us the perspective of both parties, it also gives us some extra information about negotiation process.

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Sluggers- Negotiation

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Sluggers- Negotiation

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The Stanford Video Guide to Negotiating: The Sluggers Come Home

The Sluggers Come Home Stanford Graduate Business School Professor Margaret Neale narrates, analyzes, and instructs, as you get an inside look at the negotiations that decide the fate of Curry Field and the Sluggers.

Mar 24,  · Negotiating is the art of making better deals. Making the right business deal can turn a small venture into a big one, or it can turn a quiet product into a blockbuster. Skill, preparation, and.

The Stanford Video Guide to Negotiating: The Sluggers Come Home Training Video on DVD. Negotiation is all about striking a deal that benefits both the parties. One should be of the opinion that he/she needs to get the bigger portion of the pie and leave the other party in a loss situation.

The true-to-life drama in this negotiation video teaches specific skills that can give you the upper hand in any negotiation, while at the same time maintaining a positive working relationship with the other parties.5/5(1).

Sluggers negotiation
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